$2.3 Million Patent Infringement Verdict Could Affect Online Businesses and Consumers in New York and Across the U.S.

$2.3 Million Patent Infringement Verdict Could Affect Online Businesses and Consumers in New York and Across the U.S.A Texas jury has ordered online retailer Newegg to pay a so-called patent troll $2.3 million. In TQP Development LLC v. Newegg Inc. , TQP Development filed a lawsuit against Newegg alleging $5.1 million in damages for the alleged violation of an internet encryption patent the company acquired in 2006. The encryption method outlined in U.S. Patent Number 5,412,730 (‘730) is commonly used to maintain the privacy of customer data during a financial transaction.

In the past, Newegg has refused to settle patent disputes with non-practicing companies like TQP Development that derive revenue solely from settlements, licensing, and legal fees. Thus far, TQP Development has secured more than $45 million in legal settlements from technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and others over alleged violations of the ‘730 patent.

The ‘730 patent was initially filed with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) in 1989 and granted in 1995. At trial, Newegg argued the patent was not valid because the technology already existed when the patent was filed. In support of this claim, the company offered expert testimony from internet pioneers who stated they used the technology outlined in the patent years before the ‘703 application was filed with USPTO. A detailed timeline related to cryptography and alleged prior art was discussed by both Newegg and TQP Development. Additionally, public key encryption pioneer Whitfield Diffie offered testimony that he believes the ‘730 patent is invalid. Despite this, the eight-person jury returned a verdict for $2.3 million in favor of TQP Development after deliberating for approximately three hours.

Following the jury’s verdict, a representative for Newegg stated the company will appeal the decision.

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