31 Hurt in Harlem MTA Bus Crash Involving Fuel Tanker

On Tuesday, nine children and 22 adults were injured in a Harlem accident that involved a public bus, a delivery truck, and a fuel tanker filled with gasoline. According to Fire Department of New York Deputy Chief John Sullivan, the accident occurred after the delivery truck cut between the fuel tanker and the bus near Fifth Avenue and East 125th Streets. All 31 people injured in the three vehicle accident were passengers on the Metropolitan Transit Authority bus. Two of those injured in the collision reportedly refused treatment. Meanwhile, the remaining 29 passengers were taken to three area hospitals. Although most of those hurt in the accident did not suffer life threatening injuries, two passengers reportedly suffered skeletal fractures and two others complained of chest pains.

The driver of the delivery truck allegedly stated he did not cause the crash. According to the driver, his vehicle was struck from behind. He also claimed the fuel truck was driving unsafely and speeding. Although he was not transported to the hospital, the driver reportedly planned on being seen by a doctor following the collision. Accident witnesses disagreed with the driver's account, however, and stated the delivery truck became sandwiched between the two larger vehicles after the driver forced his way in between them. According to Deputy Chief Sullivan, everyone involved in the crash and on the busy street at the time of the collision was fortunate the fuel tanker only sustained minor damage. Otherwise, the accident could have been much worse.

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