Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail and Map Initiative

The old atlas Now that Governor Cuomo has paved the way for relaxed restrictions and less regulation for the production of craft beverages, the time has come to strategize as to how to grow the industry. One way that the state of New York is planning to increase revenue to the craft beverage industry is through tourism, by specifically reaching out to those who are drawn by its products, who would be willing to go the distance for a good beer.

The Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce recently announced the 2014 Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail and Map Initiative, a glossy map which one can use to follow a route filled with craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries, many of which are newly opened and/or working to expand their consumer reach. Patrons also have the opportunity to join a group tour that uses the services of one of the local limousine companies in the area. This joint collaboration amongst industries shows just how beneficial the effect can be on the entire region, and not just those directly linked to the production of beverages. The entire project promotes the message: Think Local!

The inaugural launch of the Trail and Map Initiative included placing about 30,000 maps at roughly 300 locations throughout the Capital District. The funding for this project came mostly from sponsorships and advertising from other businesses that would also benefit from an increased presence along the trail route, including the limousine company mentioned above. Additionally, various hotels and conference centers have bought a significant amount of the available advertising space.  This is a prime illustration of Governor Cuomo's message from his June press release, in which he explained that the expansion and growth of the craft beverage industry would have a positive effect on other areas of commerce as well, namely tourism and agriculture. The  Adirondack region depends heavily on the successes of its tourism industry and thus, it will surely benefit from the added incentive to visit this area brought by the Trail and Map Initiative.

This new development plan is the product of the Adirondack Craft Beverage Committee, comprised of people from both the craft beverage industry and also the hospitality industry, and local graphic designers.  The Committee was formed as an extension of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, after seeing similar tours exist in other regions throughout the United States.

Greg Chanese, the marketing and communications manager for the chamber of commerce said, "this will bring people to areas they otherwise might not go because they don't know what's there". He also noted that the chamber submitted an application to Empire State Development Corporation for a grant to further expand the project with the creation of a mobile device application and methods to use targeted marketing to reach out to various communities of potential visitors. This grant would be part of a $2 million grant program recently launched that matches $2 million in industry contributions for marketing and promoting craft beverages.

Empire State Development has recently been putting a lot of efforts towards the craft beverage industry and in fact, the Director of Industry Development and Strategic Development for the state agency, Samuel Filler, is also Governor Cuomo's craft beverage industry liaison. The fact that this position exists is proof enough of how important the industry has become. The state is making substantial investments in opportunities related to craft beverages because the potential for economic growth is clear and significant. According to the office of the Governor, there are currently more than 100 craft breweries in the state and that number is on the rise, as is the number of craft distilleries and wineries. That is why the state has a lengthly list of incentives that it offers to those in the wine, beer, and spirits industry.

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