At Least 19 Hurt in Negligent Bus Crash in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

Last month, 19 people were reportedly hurt when a 55-seat commuter bus traveling to New York City struck a school bus on Route 9 near Arcade Lane in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. According to Police Captain Robert Weiss, the commuter bus was traveling in a right-hand traffic lane reserved for buses when the collision occurred. The force of the impact purportedly knocked the school bus onto its side and sent the commuter bus off of the highway into a nearby utility pole and a tree.

Thankfully, the school bus was not carrying any children when the 8 am wreck occurred. Still, the bus driver and a teacher's aide were allegedly injured in the crash. The commuter bus was reportedly carrying 33 passengers at the time of the accident. According to police, at least 17 people traveling on the bus suffered an injury in the collision. The driver of the commuter bus was taken by medical helicopter to a hospital in New Brunswick for surgery after he was purportedly pinned inside of the vehicle. In addition, a female passenger was also allegedly airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The cause of the accident is reportedly under investigation by Old Bridge Township police. According to at least one report, the commuter bus allegedly struck the school bus from behind as it slowed to make a right-hand turn into an apartment complex. Weiss stated a video camera aboard the commuter bus is currently being reviewed in an effort to determine the circumstances that led to the crash. Weiss added that the collision appears to have happened while the commuter bus was in the process of making a lane change.

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