Double Amputee's Medical Malpractice Case Against Long Island Hospital Will be Heard in a Brooklyn Courtroom

A judge recently ruled that a 32-year-old Brooklyn woman's medical malpractice lawsuit against the Winthrop University Medical Center could move forward in Brooklyn Supreme Court. The lawsuit was originally filed by Stacey Galette in 2010 after she was allegedly forced to have the lower portion of both of her legs amputated following a minor gynecological surgery that was performed at the Nassau County hospital in 2009. Galette reportedly developed blood poisoning and gangrene after physicians unwittingly punctured her intestine during surgery. In her complaint, the double amputee seeks an unspecified amount of financial damages from the Long Island hospital as well as seven doctors.

After Galette brought her case against the Mineola hospital, Winthrop University Medical Center reportedly filed a motion to move the lawsuit to a Nassau County court. According to the hospital, Galette was not a resident of Brooklyn at the time the case was filed. Galette stated she left her Long Island residence following the amputation in order to live with relatives who could assist her with her daily life immediately after her marriage ended. The hospital also reportedly argued that the Brooklyn forum was inconvenient to both hospital staff and potential witnesses. Still, Justice Marsha Steinhardt denied the hospital's motion and stated credible evidence showed Galette resided in Brooklyn when her case was filed.

In New York, medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to treat each patient with a certain standard of care and the patient suffers an injury. Medical malpractice can not only result from the actions of a medical professional, but also a health care provider's failure to take a medically necessary or appropriate action. Malpractice may occur when a hospital, pharmacy, doctor, nurse, psychologist, or other medical professional fails to diagnose or treat a disease, misdiagnoses a patient, unreasonably delays treatment, or fails to provide appropriate treatment.

If you were hurt by the negligent act or omission of a health care professional in New York, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your damages. Because the amount of time during which you have to file your medical malpractice case is limited, you should contact an experienced New York personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able.

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