New York Senator Introduces Bill That Would Hold Dog Owners Financially Responsible for the First Bite

State Senator Terry Gipson recently introduced legislation that would hold a dog owner financially liable the first time it bites a human in New York. Under current New York law, dog owners are issued a warning the first time a pet bites someone and are not held financially responsible until a dog bites a second person. The proposed law was reportedly created in response to an alleged dog attack that severely injured a Hopewell Junction child four years ago. The child purportedly suffered about 100 lacerations and has undergone more than two-dozen surgeries as a result of the dog attack.

According to Gipson, he introduced the measure because he believes injured children should have access to any required medical care and financial assistance following a traumatic dog bite. Although Medicaid insurance allegedly paid for most of the child's medical expenses, plastic surgery that was necessary to repair some of his scars had to be paid for using community donations. The Senate bill is apparently co-sponsored by Senator Neil Breslin. At this time, however, the proposed measure does not have a sponsor in the New York Assembly.

According to the nation's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 800,000 people across the United States seek medical treatment for a dog bite each year. Approximately half of those individuals are reportedly children. In addition, CDC data states that nearly 50 percent of Americans who seek medical treatment as a result of a dog bite are seen in a hospital or other emergency room and an average of 16 people die as a result of their wounds. Sadly, nearly two-thirds of children who are injured by a dog are under four years of age.

If you or your child was bitten or otherwise injured by a dog that has a history of aggression in New York, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and benefits, any resulting disability, and more. If you were hurt by an aggressive dog, you should contact a skilled New York personal injury lawyer.

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