Speeding-Related Traffic Deaths in New York City Increased by 65 Percent in 2012

According to New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, the number of individuals who died in a traffic wreck that involved speeding in the city increased by 65 percent in 2012. According to DOT traffic statistics, speeding played a role in approximately 30 percent of all traffic deaths and killed 81 people in New York City last year. In 2011, speeding was blamed for only 49 traffic fatalities. Sadik-Khan said the statistics demonstrate that city officials have a responsibility to take measures designed to reduce speeding on New York streets.

Sadik-Khan stated most speeding-related traffic fatalities are preventable. She said she believes most drivers think they can get away with speeding simply because no one is looking. Reportedly in response to the 2012 statistics, the New York State Assembly recently approved a measure to fund a speed enforcement camera pilot program that would place cameras in 20 school zones across the city. Sadik-Khan claims DOT data demonstrates that about three-fourths of vehicles surveyed within a quarter-mile of a school were speeding. Despite alleged pressure from city officials, the proposal has not yet been considered by the Senate.

New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly stated he supports the speed camera concept. According to Kelly, there are simply not enough officers to catch every speeding motorist. He has reportedly expressed his support for the speed camera proposal to both the state legislature and Governor Cuomo. Mayor Bloomberg has also expressed his support for the proposal. Not everyone in New York City believes speed cameras should be installed, however. The city Patrolmen's Benevolent Association purportedly opposes the speed camera measure. The group allegedly believes the money would be better spent by hiring additional police officers.

In New York, fatal traffic wrecks often occur without warning. Common causes of deadly traffic crashes may include weather, speeding, driver carelessness, motorist impairment, and more. Last year, 274 people were killed in a traffic accident in New York City. Of those killed, only 73 were reportedly inside of a motor vehicle. More than half of individuals killed in the city in 2012 were pedestrians. Meanwhile, 18 bicyclists and 35 motorcyclists died in an unexpected collision. If you lost a loved one in a preventable traffic wreck in New York, you should contact a quality personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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