Studios Ask New York Judge to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Case Against LimeWire

LimeA copyright infringement lawsuit filed by a number of television and movie studios in a New York federal court against now-defunct LimeWire LLC was recently settled. The lawsuit alleged that LimeWire’s website was used to share billions of illegal copies of digital video entertainment files without compensation to the copyright owners. The lawsuit also accused LimeWire’s founder, Mark Gorton, of inducing and benefitting from the alleged infringement. According to a November 7th order, the case was dismissed with prejudice to the plaintiffs that included Walt Disney Company, Viacom, Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film, and Warner Brothers Entertainment. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

In May 2010, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled in a separate lawsuit that both LimeWire and Gorton induced the infringement of copyrighted musical works. Less than six months later, the website was shut down by court order. That lawsuit resulted in a settlement of approximately $105 million.

Copyright is a legal term used to describe the right to control the use of original works that were created or are owned by an individual or company. In general, a copyright provides the owner with legal protection for movies, television shows, books, software programs, music, artwork, and other forms of unique human expression. Unlike most types of intellectual property, copyright protections attach without any sort of legal filing or registration. An owner’s copyright begins when a work is permanently shared with others.

Copyright owners who suffer infringement are often entitled damages and attorney’s fees. Injunctive relief may also be available to combat infringement. Still, the United States Copyright Act includes certain fair use exceptions to an owner’s copyright. This means an individual who does not own the copyright is entitled to use an original work in a classroom, for comment or criticism, for news reporting, or for research and scholarship purposes.

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