Three Children Die in Long Island Sound Boating Accident

Three children were killed in an Independence Day boating accident on Long Island Sound. A 34-foot-long boat, the Candy 1, reportedly capsized while carrying 27 passengers after a large annual fireworks show ended. Although investigators stated it was unclear exactly what caused the boat to tip, witnesses to the tragedy said the incident occurred after the Candy 1 was hit by another vessel's wake. At the time of the accident, the boat was allegedly carrying many more people than it was designed to hold. According to the Nassau County Police Department, thick boat traffic and poor weather conditions may have contributed to the accident.

Immediately following the marine accident, rescue boats followed a signal flare through the busy area to find the more than two dozen individuals who fell into the dark water. A rainstorm reportedly made it impossible for parents and other adults to reach all of the children who were trapped inside of the boat's cabin before the partially submerged vessel sank. Although trained divers and other emergency responders were dispatched to the scene, three children perished.

Just before the Candy 1 sank, 11-year-old Harlie Treanor was pulled from the vessel's cabin in an unresponsive state. Although paramedics administered CPR, Treanor died soon after she was rescued. The bodies of her cousin, 12-year-old David Aureliano, and a family friend, 8-year-old Victoria Gaines, were later recovered from the sunken boat. Seven adults were also treated in a triage center set-up by emergency responders.

The cause of the incident is currently under investigation by the Coast Guard and the Nassau County Police Department. The parents of Victoria Gaines reportedly stated the accident was caused by a combination of bad weather and a dangerously overloaded boat. Although there are no federal regulations that limit the number of passengers a recreational boat the size of the Candy 1 may carry, a life jacket must be available for each passenger. Additionally, all passengers who are age 13 or younger must wear a life jacket at all times unless they are below deck or inside of a cabin.

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