Two Killed in Single-Engine Plane Crash in Shirley

Federal authorities are investigating a Suffolk County airplane crash that killed two people and injured another. According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators, the small plane crashed shortly after it left Brookhaven Calabro Airport. A witness stated the pilot of the Socata TB10 steered the nose of the airplane away from several residential homes before he crashed into a residential roadway in Shirley. The single-engine plane reportedly burst into flames after it landed upside down against a construction debris container on Helene Avenue. Neighbors purportedly attempted to extinguish the flames with garden hoses and small fire extinguishers until emergency rescue crews arrived on the scene. Despite their efforts, most of the small airplane was destroyed by fire.

Fortunately, no one on the ground was injured in the crash. The assumed pilot, 53-year-old David McElroy of Orient, died in the accident. 60-year-old Jane Unhjem of Goshen, reportedly died at a local hospital several hours after the crash as a result of burn injuries. Her husband, 61-year-old Erik Unhjem, is being treated for serious injuries at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

The cause of the fatal accident is currently still under investigation. Both Eric Unhjem and McElroy were licensed pilots. The fatal flight was reportedly a test drive for the Unhjems, who were considering purchasing the airplane from McElroy. According to NTSB officials, it is unclear who was actually flying the plane at the time of the crash. Additionally, investigators stated they may never know who was piloting the plane when it went down about one mile from the airport. Following the crash, the plane's engine and other wreckage were transported to the Brookhaven Airport for inspection. According to NTSB authorities, a final determination regarding the cause of the incident could take as long as one year.

Determining fault in an aviation accident can be difficult. Small airplanes often crash as a result of pilot error, poor weather conditions, or mechanical defects. Too often, small aircraft fail to have voice or data recorders installed which might aid accident investigators. Because of this, a detailed examination of crash wreckage must be undertaken. It is crucial for the loved ones of those killed in a small plane crash to obtain the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after any accident.

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